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It is often possible to undertake a survey at very short notice and a full report will normally be issued within a few days of the survey. Any very major defects detected will normally be reported in brief on the day of the survey. I can undertake the survey either with or without the owner (or potential purchaser) being present. It is often useful for the customer to be present at least towards the end of the survey so that any significant faults can be pointed out and explained.


Ideally, surveys are carried out with the vessel having been ashore for some time, as this makes it easier to judge the condition of the hull structure. It is also possible to carry out a survey with the vessel having just been taken out of the water. Whilst I am prepared to undertake a survey on a vessel which is afloat, it will not be possible to give a report on the condition of the hull below the waterline under these circumstances.


In the case of a very significant fault being discovered early in the course of a pre-purchase survey, provided that the customer can be contacted, I will offer to terminate the survey at that stage with a proportionately reduced bill.