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I have a particular interest in older GRP vessels. Older vessels tend to have multiple faults and defects. In spite of these, the vessel may be entirely seaworthy and fit for purpose.

In the case of older vessels, my survey report will attempt to put a realistic assessment of the significance of particular faults. For example most older GRP vessels are likely to suffer from some degree of osmosis. In rare cases this may seriously weaken the hull of a vessel but in many cases it will not jeopardise the structural or watertight integrity of the vessel, and it may be possible to enjoy many seasons sailing with the vessel in this condition without remedial work. Similarly whilst an older boat may no longer be suitable for ocean crossings, it may be entirely fit for coastal cruising and short offshore passage making. My reports will always attempt to differentiate between those faults which have serious safety implications and those which are merely of a cosmetic or superficial nature. I will not suggest that an older vessel should be brought to an ‘as new’ standard in all respects.